Following the market

November 1, 2008 at 9:59 pm (ramblings) (, , , )

I’m posting this here because……I want to. I posted it elsewhere and I really like it.

Everone remembers this commercial. It was only played one time, during a superbowl, but left a great mark on culture.

20 years later, here is what the market research group revealed. Another reason to never create for the market.



  1. Lynne Rutter said,

    in the first video the girl is wearing an ipod. obviously someone doctored that ad.

    timing has so much to do with this. the idea of a “user friendly” PC and the near monopoly of big blue IBM at the time, made that orwellian image pertinent and even a bit cheeky. these days with our government seeming to take steps to act more like ‘big brother,’ it’s just not that funny, and it’s not clear who is being mocked. .

  2. MisterBlank said,

    It is really eerie how that commercial is actually more scary now than it was when first released. Especially in the face of events like this

    I do find the focus group rather funny. This is why alot of great creative ideas get left behind,in both advertising and art

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