George Barbier

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80 years after his death, George Barbier’swork is being shown in his first posthumous exhibition at the Fortuny Museum in Venice.

Barbier was a French illustrator who was quite successful in his theatrical costumes, book illustrations and couture fashion illustrations. In his later career, Barbier designed wallpapers, glass and jewelry. He died at the height of his career, with no fanfare, and his remaining family had little appreciation for his work, and his name quickly fell into obscurity.

“His library, containing many rare editions, was auctioned off and his collection of Japanese and European erotica was donated to the Bibliothèque Nationale, where it was placed in the restricted “Enfer” section, reserved for works considered threatening to public decency.” – International Herald Tribune

For decorative artists, erotic artists, lithographers, writers, and designers, Barbier was the fusion of them all, and was able to span them all while still creating a unified body of work.


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Following the market

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I’m posting this here because……I want to. I posted it elsewhere and I really like it.

Everone remembers this commercial. It was only played one time, during a superbowl, but left a great mark on culture.

20 years later, here is what the market research group revealed. Another reason to never create for the market.

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