The Pleasure of Eros

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The Pleasure of Eros

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I’m cleaning through and organizing some past work. It’s the jumping off point to where I am going. And to some, the last show I guess was a bit out there. Somebody just last week commented on it, and wanted to know what the hell I was thinking. This show was 2 years ago!!!!!   Hehehehe two years later and it is still in their head? I did something right To say that the little old ladies that showed up to the opening for free cheese were a bit shocked would be a bit of an understatement. Wait till they see a giant vagina with sawblades and beartraps attached (Dentata)

I don’t normally discuss the why and what I was thinking of my pieces. It’s for the viewer to interpret themselves. But I want to establish a solid foundation for where I am going so that people don’t run over in horror as I talk to their children.

Walking through an old book store, I ran into this book titled “Warne’s Pleasure Book for Girls”. The title alone intrigued me. Published in 1926, it was a summer reading book for girls, filled with short and medium sized stories to help fill their summer days. I just laughed at the idea of how the context of words has changed in such a short period of time. In today’s standard, it would be inappropriate and ….dirty.

Even the language of the stories inside had a slightly erotic style. Once again, completely unacceptable today.

 At first glance, the piece is slightly forbidding, surrounded by brown paper, and her chest cavity carved through the book and replaced with chicken wire and a wasp. It’s naughty, like a Playboy wrapped in a paper bag.


The wasp is actually something different. In early Roman times, the God Eros was often depicted as a small wasp-like insect. When you understand the significance of the wasp, the piece takes on a different interpretation. The chest cavity and honeycomb shape of the chickenwire become a nest, the home of Eros, ie, love. And the pleasure of Eros, in any context, is something that resides in all of us. But not allowing ourselves to delve further than our initial reaction keeps us from the pleasure and beauty of Eros.


(This is the bottom of the frame, a segment torn out of the book, I just thought it humorous, and a jab at those that wouldn’t take the time to get past their initial reaction. And I love how the character moaned the sentence.)


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