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Dentata - via blog photoshare

Dentata - via blog photoshare

I’m enthralled with the myths of Dentata. There are many cultures around the world that have independently developed their own concept of toothed or fanged vaginas, either as a cautionary tale of sexual exploration, or as a hero’s tale of how one sole individual male was capable of “taming” femininity for all man-kind.

 I don’t think it’s a coincidence that these myths and stories all developed when patriarchal cultures began to have contact with matriarchal cultures. They needed to find myths and stories to help support their conquering, at least intellectually, of matriarchal societies. In many cases, the myths were a means of justification, to show the need for male domination.

It makes for an interesting duality, as the same myths in other cultures are more of cautionary tales, similar to the original Little Red Riding Hood, where Red Riding Hood  is eaten by the wolf with no happy ending. It was a cautionary tale, meant to alarm and scare. The dentata myths are similar, as they play off the male fear of castration, and are used to caution men of the power of female sexuality.

As Sigmund Freud put it , “Probably no male human being is spared the terrifying shock of threatened castration at the sight of the female genitals.”



  1. alexandros said,

    does it realy exists

  2. Mr. Blank said,

    In a way, yes.

    While not common, it is also not unknown for people to be born with extra teeth located at various parts throughout their body. In some cases, people go through their whole lives without knowing they have teeth located in their armpit. Suddenly, they get an X-ray that reveals teeth located under the skin or what appears to be growing out of a leg bone.

    The fact that the vegina is one place where these teeth become visible. So the reality is a bit more lame, since it can happen at any point throughout the body. Teeth in the vagina area makes them visible and is an erogenous zone, so its easy to see how the myth could develop


    if teeth can grow in the vagina then how can it be remove.because its unuseual i think is a lack of defeceancy in the body .have there been any woman with this problem

  4. tsefel said,

    After watching movie called “teeth” am scare with a woman who got a vegina dentata, these vegina dentata is very sophiscated weapon created by demons, i called it weapon of mass destruction.

  5. somenomebulet said,

    all men are under a threat to lose their asset by those teeth. becareful before having sex with unknown women.

  6. sareeta said,

    i am just curious how teeth can be located in vagina? Is there any scientific explanation out there or is it only myth? Can any one explain logically?

  7. sareeta said,

    i think this is only a myth but accidentally there might be some development of teeth in the vagina which might possibly later on relate to the myth. Actually it is a kind of making caution or preventing women from being sexually assault by men in some cultures. In some cultures like in Greece this kind of believe keep away men from women and finally protects women from being assaulted by men.

  8. amit mishra said,

    i think it may be real. when i saw the movie “TEETH” i noticed that in some case there may be a teeth in vagina. it may be due to heredity disordered .

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