Shipping a Piece

October 1, 2008 at 7:58 pm (artworks)

I’m crating a piece for a new home, and I’m quite excited about it. The piece is roughly 3×4 acid stained metal, with a automobile condenser attached. I loved the shape of the condenser. And I love how engineers need to follow the laws of nature to make something work. The uterine shape not only works in female anatomy, and botany, but is apparently the most efficient shape and design in whatever the hell that piece is supposed to do.

Not only is the piece going to a good home, it was part of a larger plan, a fundraiser for someone who lost their career and child’s scholarship when someone found out she worked as a sex writer as a sideline. She taught at a school, and in conjunction to that, her daughter was given a scholarship to a Christian middle school. When her work was found out, her daughters scholarship was revoked, being told that her kind wasn’t welcome there. So much for not passing the sin’s of the parent onto the child.

And isn’t it funny that while people are clamouring to buy the “Sex & The City” box set, and buy Carrie Fisher clothes and shoes, they are willing to persecute a person who actually lives the life while seeing the fictional character as a role model.


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